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russian visa guide service single and multiple entrance visa for a longer stay or business trips
We offer you 3 different kinds of Invitation letters with which you may apply for a russian visa without booking an accommodation by Russian Center Global Tourism Invitation letter and homestay programs get Invitation letters for one day!
Long term and multiple entrance visa up to one year You should register your visa within 3 working days after your arrival in Russia to avoid late registration fees.

Tourist visa

Get invitation

How to apply

  • Duration of stay in the country should not exceed thirty day
  • Possible methods of payment: Pay Pal, Western Union, Contact-Sys, Visa Master Card
  • You receive the Invitation to Russia or the tourist voucher the same day after payment
  • Corrections in the invitation or the voucher are supposed for extra charge


  • You complete an application form with all necessary data indication
  • You pay our services
  • We issue for you an invitation or tourist voucher
  • We send an invitation via regular mail, e-mail or by fax per your request

Choose a visa category for apply Your Invitation!

We offer you 3 different letters with which you may apply to Russian Consulate in your country for a visa.

In addition to usual tourist invitation for tourist visa, you can order invitation for business single or multiple visa. If you are going to visit Russia repeatedly or have a long-term stay in our country, our company can help you to get invitation for business single visa with validity from one and up to three months, or invitation for business multiple visa up to a year validity.
Trip for the term of fewer months with single entrance.
  Cost is 12 Euro or 15 USD - It's a tourist voucher.
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For trips till 3 months with single or double entrance.
  Cost is 80 euro. This is an invitation for business visa.
more about business visa
Multiple one-year visa
Cost is 85 euro
These are invitations for the business visa with confirmation.
  Consular department of the MID of Russian Federation.
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Visa information and support

We will send Your visa Letter by e-mail. In case you request the invitation to the repeated business visa, we shall direct the original of the invitation to your address. Corrections in the form of the invitation are not supposed, infringement of this rule can cause refusal in granting the visa for the long period. The copy of your invitation is sent in the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Attention for citizens of the migration-risk countries!

Our company Global Tourism Ltd has the license of the Migration service of Russia and The Ministry for Foreign Affairs to make the invitations for the people of the migration risk countries and can help you with arrangements of any kind of travel. The cost of this invitation specified separately for each country. Please contact our managers. We can help you with any visa support as an tourists voucher invitation for up to one month, and any business invitation.

We accept the payments for the invitation letters and vouchers for the people of the migration risk countries via Western Union, Contac-sys and Money Gramm only! Thanks for your understanding.

Temporary registration in Russian Federation

Besides visa formalities in the Russian Federation there is a system of temporary registration for visitors. Some rules, which are necessary to keep in order preventing administrative punishment, are listed below.

  • You should be registered within three working days from the date of your arrival to Russia.
  • You should be registered in each city of Russia, which you have visited during the trip, where you stayed for more than 3 working days.
  • You should not register your stay in Russia if you stay in the country less than 3 working days.

If you get russian visa with our company invitation, we make a discount for your registration. Registration of tourist visas which have been issued without our company visa support costs 35 Euro. Registration of the tourist visas which have been issued with our company visa support costs 25 Euro.

In order to be registered you have to provide us with your passport with visa and a card you have filled after the arrival to Russia before passing of passport control with the boundary control stamp. If we get your passport and a card till 11:00, registration will be made very this day and your passport will be returned at 18:00. If you give your passport and a card after 11:00, though registration will be dated by day of register of documents, you can get your passport back only next day at 17:00. Please note that in some cases we can make for you a special urgent registration. You should inform us about it in advance.

Do not leave Russia without a temporary registration mark! It can cause the certain difficulties at crossing border.

If you leave Russian Federation without a temporary registration mark for all period of stay in the country, Russian boundary officials can fine you. The sum of the penalty depends on quantity of days, on which there is no registration, and can be up to 300 Euros.

Remember that you have to leave Russian Federation before the visa expiry date!

On borders there are a consular service representative offices that provide departure resolutions and temporary visas for big money. The sum of fees depends on quantity of delayed days. Besides, in this case a fine for visa mode breach and absence of registration is imposed unconditionally.

Make sure that validity of your visa is not expired before you pass passport control on border!

Pay attention that the majority of night trains departure from Saint Petersburg and Moscow to Baltic countries and Europe cross Russian border after midnight!

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